Major programs are established individually with a concentration in one of these disciplines: art history, history, literature, philosophy, romance philology, music, or religion. Each student, after consultation with the chair, chooses an adviser in her area of concentration who guides her in developing a sequence of courses to be taken in the field.

A minimum of 11 courses is required for the major in Medieval and Renaissance Studies:

  • Five courses in the area of concentration;
  • Two history courses for students who are not concentrating in history;
  • Two courses in the other disciplines mentioned above for those who are;
  • Two electives in areas outside the concentration, to be chosen in consultation with the adviser; 
  • MEDR BC 3998x and MEDR BC 3999y, Directed Research, a two-semester program of interdisciplinary research leading to the writing of the senior essay.

(In some cases, a senior seminar in one of the departments may be substituted for MEDR BC 3998x or 3999y.)

Senior Essay

Students are required to write an interdisciplinary senior essay based on two semesters of research in their field of concentration and in another discipline, carried out under the supervision of their area adviser and another from the second discipline. The choice of Medieval & Renaissance Studies 287 topic for this senior project and the appointment of a second adviser are determined in consultation with the area adviser and the chair of the program.

In addition to the language used to fulfill the general four-semester requirement for graduation, the student must have completed two semesters of a second language (or the equivalent) relevant to her area of concentration.


No minor offered in this program.